I was incredibly fortunate to have met Peter in 2015. At this particular moment in my life my young family was growing, and I was preparing to transition into a new leadership role at my work. I thankfully recognized quickly that both my personal and professional development could greatly benefit from the services provided by Peter at Full Spectrum Leadership – in retrospect it was the "TSN turning point" in my life. For over four years now, I have had the great pleasure of being mentored by Peter continually advancing forward my learning’s and overall awareness. This has resulted in me being more accountable, more thankful, better grounded, more focused on my listening, very focused on the big picture and what’s really important, much happier and overall part and parcel to so many things key in life - much more positive in attitude. It goes without saying that I would not hesitate to recommend Peter's services to anyone. Thank you, Peter!

Allan KrakGeneral Manager at Infusion Health KVH General Partnership

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