Peter Comrie

Human Capital Specialist

As an entrepreneur, lecturer, scholar, and student of human dynamics, Peter dives headlong into everything he believes in, and excels at most things he does. Passion and enthusiasm are reflected in the results.

Community work and social issues have been two of Peter’s personal motivators. Being a philanthropist all his working life, he is deeply committed to the philosophy of giving without expectation. A founding member and vice-chairman of Altruvest Charitable Services, an organization dedicated to performance improvement for charities, he inspired corporate partners to share openly to help charities deliver their services effectively and efficiently to the communities they serve.

Schooled in many things including philosophy, psychology, physics, and legend & mythology, Peter has turned his scholarly interests towards such diverse studies as the development of sustainable personal growth, resilience development, motivational attitude, and medieval history.

As a motivational attitudes seminar and workshop facilitator he has inspired many participants for organizations such as; The United Way, JV Driver Group, 4-H Council, Canadian Council Women’s Advisory Committee, Barter Business Exchange, Bell Canada, Canadian Airlines, American Airlines to mention a few.

Peter is currently the Executive V.P. and Human Capital Specialist at Full Spectrum Leadership Inc. and from that position he is committed to the philosophy of “life long learning” as a foundational mainstay and is an uncompromising believer in the human potential. From this position he coaches individuals, executives, and companies safely down the development pathway to where sustainable “shift happens”.

Peter has officially, and delightfully, resigned all professional and organizational designations, all board and committee chairs, to focus his practice entirely on deeply  supporting and advancing the Human Capital and Full Spectrum Leaders within FSL client enterprises.

Please connect with him to discuss your enterprises Post-Covid “people” plans.


Marcus Akhtar

Experienced Infrastructure Professional with a demonstrated history of leading high functioning teams, on successful Infrastructure projects.

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Allan Krak

General Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the hospital & health care industry.

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Dan Zaleski

Business coaches and business owners hire me to help them net more profit, get more clients and have more time off.

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Michael D Haines

Peter is one of those rare individuals that you meet only once in ones life. His commitment to society as a whole is evident in all of his interactions.

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Pat Komadowski

Always has a great attitude and outlook! And he's looking for yours to be GREAT as well !!!!!

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Pamela Lynch

Peter's knowledge and insights into the human condition, the business environment, and his frank commentaries inspire me to examine my growth opportunities

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Jenn Kyllo

Once you have experienced Peter Comrie like I have, your life surely won't be the same. With his engaging presentation style and gut busting humor

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Ben Hoeppner

A Human Resource Consultant, Business Founder and Executive with 20 years of experience, Mr. Hoeppner has serviced clients and traveled throughout Canada, USA, and Europe.

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Rod Janz

Peter graciously agreed to do an interview with us last week on Rapid Time Radio. What a great interview! Peter's depth of knowledge and expertise across a broad range of subjects is obvious.

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Robert Donnelly

Highly motivated, seasoned marketing and corporate communications professional. A strategic thinker, coupled with extensive hands-on tactical experience.

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Dean Desrosiers

Dean Desrosiers* is an accomplished sales, marketing and business development executive with more than 30 years of experience in international biotechnology, training and education and real estate.

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Matthew Clark

Peter has been a huge benefit to the myself personally and the Damang Media Group. He has always been a person pushing us to demand more from ourselves

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Eric von Krosigk

Peter Comrie and the word "nice" absolutely should never be seen in the same sentence, however, that being said, if you want "effective", then Peter is likely your man.

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Melonie Dodaro

Peter is my go to resource when it comes to anything to do with personal and professional development. I love Peter's no-nonsense attitude

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Jessica Gill, CEC, CPHR

I have had the great privilege of working with Peter for the last 6 months. Although I have known Peter for a short period of time

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Tim Read

Peter presented at the BC HRMA Southern Interior annual summer meeting with great impact. His insightful, informed and clear message on leadership

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Jo de Vries

I have a dream. Aspirations for a healthier planet and happier people. Visions of a world left better for my being here; a world I can proudly leave to my grandchildren

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Kiera Brown

Peter Comrie “gets” the concept of giving. He is an inspirational, captivating speaker who walks his talk and is passionate about helping others grow.

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David Church

My experience with Peter has taught me that he lives by a set of timeless principles that are simple yet infinitely wise. He listens carefully, understands well

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Jan Fishe Johnson

I must admit that the list of people that I feel I could personally endorse is quite short, but Peter would be at the top of any list I have.

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Roger Miranda

Working with Peter has forever change how I look at my life and my own business. Peter has been and is a source of great information

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Michele Hazell

Peter is highly knowledgeable and a great coach, speaker and consultant. He approaches people and situations in an inspiring, enlightening, compassionate

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Connie Phelps

Peter is an exceptional presenter and coach, I have experienced him as a keynote speaker, as a workshop presenter and as a personal coach and each

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Paul Armitage

I have had the privilege of working with Peter for the last 6 months. He is more than a career coach; he is a life coach. My goal was to be a better man

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Robert Nickel

Peter is a very insightful man that can see the real issues and facilitate progress for your organization and you individually.

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