Shirley Hogan

Workplace Trainer/Advisor at Canadian Mental Health Association.

Shirley Hogan currently works with the Canadian Mental Health Association as a Workplace Trainer/Advisor and is a Certified Life Coach. She works with clients who are in transition and/or new to leadership and looking for guidance. Prior to working with CMHA, Shirley had a 15 year career with the RCMP. She was a Dispatch Supervisor in Southern BC, and a R2MR, (Road to Mental Readiness) trainer/facilitator for RCMP members. As a Critical Incident Debriefer, Team Leader of the Emergency Response Dispatch/Scribe Teams, and a Peer to Peer Member she brings real life experience to her workplace training.

She began her career as a facilitator/trainer over 25 years ago in Prince George at the local Crisis Centre where she was the Youth Services and Volunteer Coordinator. Shirley was a Master trainer with Livingworks, facilitating the ASIST (suicide intervention program) for over ten years across BC. She is an active Mental Health First Aid trainer.

As a Team Leader, Shirley understands what not just good, but what great leadership looks like. She was awarded the National Supervisor of the Year in 2019, not by her superiors, but by her peers and those she led. Whether it is working one on one with somebody looking for a new path in life, or a business looking to improve the quality of their workplace, Shirley has the experience and expertise to help. She is an engaging speaker who leaves her audiences wanting more!

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