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Atrophy: A Withering Death!
Use it or Lose it

Part 3 of 3

Don’t Let Your Business Atrophy!

After talking about keeping our bodies away from atrophy in Part 1, and then our relationships from the same fate in Part 2, it’s time to talk about the shape of our businesses during this very strange time.

I know a lot of you took a virtual ‘kick to the business teeth’ when everything shut down last spring, and for some, you’re still trying to find your way back to profitability. For others, your business may be hanging in there, but you need to make changes that are appropriate considering this new world we’re living in.

A business can atrophy—or wither away—just like a physical body can atrophy. It’s my great hope that all of you will find ways in 2021 to grow and thrive in your businesses, but I want you to look at what’s atrophying—or at risk of atrophying—first, and take action.

What happened to your business in 2020? Where was it pre-pandemic, during the first lockdown, in the summer, and then into the fall?

Some businesses have shifted to digital, virtual, or contact-free and even expanded. If this was your business, is how you’re operating right now sustainable (something you can maintain at the same level) and scalable (something you can grow to meet new goals)? If not, take action and make changes. What doesn’t get used often dies.

Perhaps you’re still looking for how to shift your business to new norms. Even when we get back to ‘normal’, some things will never change back to how they once were. Which of these apply to your business? Or apply to how your employees work and will continue to work? Get real about these areas and address them.

What if nothing I’ve talked about so far fits your situation? Do you feel like you’ve lost too much to recover? This can be a good thing! Unlike our physical bodies and our relationships, shutting down your business instead of trying to save it might be OK. I’ve experienced business failure. It hurts, but it’s not fatal and it often leads to something much better.

The trick is to know when you’re temporarily exhausted and overwhelmed but will soon be ready to rebuild, and when you need to let go and move on. Only you can decide that, but getting some expert feedback on your situation may help make that decision.

Take this warning, and address those areas where your business is weak so 2021 will be an exciting year of growth for you! Don’t let the atrophy get any worse. Deal with it, and build up stronger than before!

Plus, I truly believe that out of this pandemic will come businesses that are agile, resilient, creative, and even better poised to do great things. Yes, that means your business if you do the work now!

So, figure out where things are weak or failing, and get going. Talk to your team members. Ask them where the business is vulnerable, and listen to their answers. Ask them how they’d make things better, and (you guessed it) listen to them. And then make things better.

I would love to hear about what you’re doing to build back yourself, your relationships, and your business better than ever! Shoot me a note and keep me updated!

My very best wishes to you.

I appreciate you.


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