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Fear is limited by space and time, thus easy to end!

Fear has given the human race a difficulty since the beginning of time. Countless people have gone as far as failing to proceed with aspects of their lives simply because of fear, and countless more have been trapped needlessly in suffering simply because of fear.

How do you best release yourself from that which you fear, big or small?

What is the fastest, most effective way to overcome fear?

Well, I have a solution here for you that is very fast, very effective (in fact, it is guaranteed to work). You can apply it to all your fears, big or small.

Before I tell you how to do it, let us briefly look at some obvious characteristics of fear.

In terms of time, fear is future-based. In other words, if you look at any of your fears, they are always about something that isn’t happening right Here, right Now at this exact moment. Fear cannot possibly exist about something that is in your present. It is always a, “What will happen to me if…” construct. Even if someone were to put a gun to your head right now, you would fear the possibility that in the very near future they will pull the trigger. That is why a threat is no longer effective once it is carried out. Fear is always about something that hasn’t happened yet (it may be just about to happen, but it hasn’t happened yet).

You also don’t fear things that have already happened, things that are in the past. So that is the time-based nature of fear, or worry.

In terms of space, fear is finite. It occupies a limited space with boundaries. If you focus on that area only, fear can encompass your entire attention to the point that all you are thinking about is your fears and you completely forget that life has many more things that are far greater that the limited item you fear. If you step back a little, you will see the bigger picture, and your fear will lessen simply because your attention will not be 100% on your fear. Imagine that you have 100 attention units to dedicate. If you dedicate all 100 to that which you fear, you will be encompassed by your fears. If you step back and look at the bigger picture, you will automatically be dedicating less attention units to that which you fear.

Now, let us complete the technique. How do you best release yourself from that which you fear, big or small?

What is the fastest, most effective way to overcome fear?

It is as simple as this: adjust your space-time perspective. That’s it. If you mess with the space-time characteristics of your fear, you will automatically denature it.

Here is the exact way of doing that, step-by-step:

Step 1: Draw whatever you fear into the Here, Now.

For example, let us assume that you are worries about losing your job or your spouse. That is a future event. Now, pretend that it has happened already. That instantly eliminates your having to dodge it, to avoid it. It enables you to stop fighting to avoid it happening. So, close your eyes and completely pretend it has happened already. That which you fear is no longer in the future, but it has now happened already.

Step 2: Feel the feelings you would feel assuming it has happened.

Is it shame, anger, vulnerability, grief, embarrassment? What feelings would you feel if it happens? As you draw the future into the present and fully pretend it has happened allow yourself to feel absolutely everything that you imagine you would feel if that which you fear actually happened.
Whatever it is you are avoiding feeling if that which you fear were to happen, feel it now.

Step 3: Accept it and yourself.

This is the key step. Now that it has happened, accept things as they are, and accept yourself as you are. Stop dodging, pretending or trying to change life. Just accept. Look inwards and say, “Jane (or whatever your name is), you are a worthy, good, acceptable person as you are, even as these things have happened, and I am proud to be you and happy to know you and spend my life with you. I accept you as you are, and I accept life as it is, and I accept these feelings as they are.”

Step 4: Embrace the unknown.

One of the key features of fear is that you are afraid of what will happen if that which you fear comes to be. Solve this problem by simply embracing the unknown. Admit that life is larger than what you know, and that what you don’t know isn’t a dangerous thing necessarily, even though your fears may tell you it is. The unknown is your friend. Tell yourself that even if you don’t know what lies in the unknown, and you will never know until you pass through it, you will be able to go through it OK, even if you don’t know how. Life will just happen. Feel the fear but do it anyway. I guarantee you that if you follow this formula you will be amazed at its effectiveness. Just try it on the little fears at first and practice and practice and practice until you can easily apply it on any fear of any size at any time, automatically. Practice makes perfect. At first it may be hard but in time you will become fearless.

Now, isn’t that worth it?

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