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Free Your Mind and Your Behind Will Follow!

When I decided many years ago to pursue a path of self-development and personal enlightenment, I had no definable concept of what I was trying to accomplish or where I was trying to go. My motivation, or probably “driving force” is a better description, was deep longing to know more about life which was accompanied by an innate knowing that told me there was more to know.

That longing, coupled with a total dissatisfaction with my life as it was, started me on a search that has transformed me, satisfied me, given me a life purpose.

I discovered that I was a “seeker”. A seeker is decidedly someone who from childhood is an “outside the box” thinker. He (or she) is a walking question mark. One who never is satisfied with standard information, or impressed by general appearances. The seeker wants the Truth, for truths sake. Never mind if there is no material gain, public recognition, or any of the otherworldly “benefits” that drives the masses daily and lifelong. The seeker wants truth for truths sake only. He is fully aware of what is of real value, and what is only perceived value.

The seeker gains knowledge to formulate and originate his own outlook towards life. Early on the path he understands the only freedom there is, is the freedom to think for oneself. As he begins to throw off the shackles of mental programming that enslaves mankind beginning in childhood, he replaces it with knowledge of a sound, demonstrable nature. Acceptance of information on the basis of faith and belief is no longer feasible.

The seeker must know with an understanding of inner surety, knowledge gained from his own experience.

Outside the box thinking allows one to explore more options in any situation. It’s a combination of philosophical thinking, intuition, reasoning and imagination. It’s putting our God given ability as creators to full use, and using our freedom to experience life, and experiment with our own lives as the free-willed life-creators that we truly are.

Let’s face it, we can follow the “Book of Life” that is handed to us at birth and forced upon us throughout the remainder of our lifetimes. Most consider such information a complete program as it includes religious beliefs, wealth values, educational values, community values, what ones life goals and life purpose should be, how to spend your money, a psychological outline of every race, religion, and ethnic group on the planet and what’s “good” and “bad” about it all. With our lives worked out for us in such detail, small wonder there is so much boredom, addiction, depression and emptiness among the population. We have forgotten how to think for ourselves and don’t even realize it. This is the “box” we are in.

I challenge you to step outside that box. Ask of every idea and value you now hold—“how, when, where, what and why”. Question it all, and whatever values are not comfortable for you, dismiss them and formulate your own outlook to replace it. Life does not come with a one size fits all guidebook. We are each too unique for that to be possible.

Enlighten yourself. The Enlightened person is one equipped for success—“deprogrammed”, so to speak, from the constraints of culture and custom, upbringing and education, and able to truly think clearly and objectively for himself or herself – in order to analyze and evaluate and so choose the most appropriate action in any situation.

Value “Thoughtfulness”, make it habit. Mediate on information in order to understand its implications and thus arrive at sound judgments and decisions. Strive to understand how things work, identify cause and effect in all situations. Ponder your path, ponder your life, know that it is your right to make choices.

Think, think, think, and think again.

 Most of all, learn to trust your own thinking.

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