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Reality Never Lies!

I recently listened to an old recording of Laura Berman Fortgang’s speech to the International
Coach Federation’s convention in Chicago several years ago. In her presentation, she talked
about the fact that reality never lies.

While her focus was on coaching, I immediately connected her words to the fact that in
business, our sales, productivity, profits and customer satisfaction are precisely accurate
measures of the service we provide.

From the dawn of history, human beings have searched for bargains. We love great products
at bargain prices. We love getting the goods or services we need at a fair price, delivered on
time, and hopefully, with an extra “bonus.” In the words of the old saying, “build a better
mousetrap, and the world will beat a path to your door.”

Because of this, your bank account is an accurate reflection of the value the world places on
your products and services. The facts and numbers do not lie. They may contain a message
you don’t like, or one with which you disagree, but they do not lie.

To increase your sales and profits, you must increase the value of your services. Cutting costs
or raising prices may temporarily increase profits and give the illusion that things are “better,”
but illusions won’t last.

The key to growing your enterprise is providing more value, to more people, more often.
Fortunately, this is not difficult. “Value” can be many things, from faster delivery, to larger
quantities, to more pleasing colors. The opportunity to innovate, add value, and increase sales
is endless.

Reality does not lie. Study the numbers, notice where you can increase value to your
customer, and adjust accordingly. Your financial future depends upon it.

If you’d like to make more and make it faster, work with a skilled coach! This should be
obvious! Just as “an attorney who represents himself has a fool for a client,” in business we
often need outside experts to help us see with fresh eyes and seize the most profitable

At Full Spectrum Leadership, we have those resources.

When you’re ready, contact me.
Peter Comrie

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