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Is your financial wealth intentionally and proactively directed to a shared intention to help your family flourish – intellectually


Cindy Radu

Family Wealth Transition Specialist

When you die, you’re probably going to leave a hot mess…
Traditional Approaches to Wealth Transition Don’t Work

It’s About More Than Money

Is your financial wealth intentionally and proactively directed to a shared intention to help your family flourish – intellectually, physically, emotionally and relationally – across generations?  Probably not.

Tactics Before Strategy

Have you put in place tactics (like a will, family trust, shareholders agreement and other “tools of the trade”) without first having a comprehensive family wealth transition strategy?  Probably yes (hint:  that’s not good).

The Advisor “Silo Problem”

A wills lawyer prepared your will years ago.  A tax lawyer recommended an “estate freeze” and put in place that family trust.  Your financial planner helped you put life insurance in place.  Your corporate lawyer prepared a shareholder agreement, but you aren’t sure if it was ever actually signed.  Do you really want your family to have to figure this all out after the fact? That’s probably what’s going to happen – and it will be a hot mess….

You’re Probably Part of the Problem (Sorry…)

Do you like being told what to do, what you are going to get or when you’re going to get it?  Do you like being left in the dark?  Have you ever wished someone had asked for your opinion before forging ahead with a project?  Would you be committed to a plan that you had no part of creating?  Have you included your heirs and successors in discussions about your plan before you put all the documents in place?  Chances are you haven’t.  Herein lies another part of the problem.

What Cindy Brings to the Table

Cindy helps your family figure out where you are at and where you want to go by: 1) working collaboratively with your advisor team to make sure you understand what actually would happen if you die today; and 2) having conversations with family members (individually and together) to identify where you are at today and set out on the direction you want to go.


Cindy has the skills and experience to be able to communicate effectively with you, your family and across your advisor team.  Visit and connect with her on LinkedIn to learn more about Cindy’s extensive background and expertise.

Objective, transparent advice

Cindy does not sell any products (e.g. investments, insurance, tax structures) or accept referral fees from other specialist advisors.

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