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FlipSide Sustainability will work with your organization to pivot and position in a rapidly changing world.


Dr. Alison Shaw

Principal Strategist & Coach

FlipSide Sustainability 

Research Lead, Integrated Climate Action for BC Communities Initiative

ACT, Simon Fraser University

FlipSide Sustainability will work with your organization to pivot and position in a rapidly changing world. Businesses now more than are ever seizing the opportunity to build-in new economy goals: retaining and growing skilled people, building in purpose, and accelerating climate and sustainability policies, tools, and actions. What they know is that this is the advantage needed to navigate complexity and advance resilience in the new era of business consciousness.

Dr. Alison Shaw is a sustainability systems specialist, with over 20 years experience in pioneering climate change and sustainability research, and over a decade in applying leading-edge strategies into practice. As Founder of FlipSide Sustainability, Alison uses organizational and professional coaching to work with clients to pivot, advancing strategies and solutions that help their businesses shift from coping to thriving under rapidly changing conditions. With work experience ranging from the IPCC to local government in scale, and from the public to private sector in purpose, she co-creates and implements solutions that are tailored and practical.

Alison contributes to research and numerous initiatives as an expert on sustainability systems, low carbon resilience, and the integration of climate and sustainability into decision-making. She is passionate about catalyzing a new era of business consciousness, helping organizations navigate their way toward resilience and sustainability.

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