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Paul is the guy you want on your team…he’s a leader, a manager, a coach, and a mentor who lifts the performance of the people around him.

Paul Rosenberg

Manufacturing and Capital Projects Specialist

“Paul is the guy you want on your team…he’s a leader, a manager, a coach, and a mentor who lifts the performance of the people around him. He’s also one of the most positive influences on corporate culture I have ever worked with”  Tony Shaw, CEO and Founder, Datatversity

Paul Rosenberg is an award-winning and sought-after leadership coach, business developer, and speaker.  With over 25 years of extensive experience across multiple industries and continents, he has established a unique track record which ties leadership development to tangible performance improvement. Working with front line supervision to the C-Suite, he brings depth and experience in skill development, cost/schedule optimization, and execution.

Featured in Huff Post and Thrive Global.

Notable accomplishments

  • Having lived on every continent except Antarctica, Paul’s unique global skill set has brought clients over $100MM in performance improvements as a transformational leadership coach and consultant.
  • Cost and schedule optimization
  • Author of the top-rated book: Rogue Leadership: Harnessing Headwinds to Drive Performance
  • Having toured globally as both a stand- up comic and improvisational actor including the Swedish Comedy Festival, The USC Festival of the Arts, and The Comedy Store; he is a much sought after keynote and emcee
  • Led first marketing joint venture in the former USSR with the architect of Perestroika
  • Host: Rogue Leadership Channel (You Tube)

Speaker reel:

Subject matter expertise- a note from Paul :

My book and expertise is based on over 25 years of working with industries and teams globally of all kinds shapes and sizes including C Suite Fortune 500 and global leaders.
Going rogue is about returning to value, to reflection, to human connection.
The common thread as a consultant and coach has always been the human side of the equation, which is where the book goes. Tying connection, engagement, and alignment to performance. Driving tangible ROI/ performance by connecting with your workforce and colleagues to reach your objectives.
Results results results but not based on process, but unleashing human potential. And simplifying a complex world.

Frequent topics: Culture transformation, cost and schedule optimization, managing change and crisis, sustainability, innovation, presence and story-telling, play and creativity, changing mindsets, connections and alignment, and engaging the front line.

Why am I passionate about my message?

I believe that if we step away from the noise and frenetic demands of the world, we can tangible and sustainable success by leading from a human perspective, and more importantly a purposeful one. Not just any actions, but the right ones. We can regain control, and in doing so, create work environments that challenge, grow, nourish, and sustain our teams.
I have seen C Suite leaders of big companies and startups change and create a new story, all while satisfying their shareholders. I have seen timid front-line workers step up and provide previously untapped value, and find their voice.
The passion is standing on the sidelines or in the wings watching people you have helped shine. And creating successes and memories with those willing to take the journey.
Done so dynamically with a sense of humor and humility.



The Rogue Leadership Channel You Tube

Episode sample:

What I learned about connection in a comedy club

Innovators and Influencers Series

Episode sample:

w/ Cyrielle Hariel, author and impact journalist


HuffPost/Thrive Global

The Mulberry Club (Belarus)

Podcasts (as guest) :

The Mind Takeaway

Plan B for Success

Manage Smarter

15 mins with Ronan Leonard

Mastermind Interview


Writer None So Blind Documentary

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