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We Do Become What We Think About Most

By Peter Comrie

Do you know what it takes to have a positive mindset?

Are you aware of the power our mindset has on the outcome of our everyday lives?

There is great wisdom in the idea that “we become what we think about most of the time.”  

In fact, the human brain is a strong, goal- seeking, problem-solving machine, and the things we think about, focus on, and worry about inevitably shape our destiny.  

We all know this, and yet most of us completely fail to see (or seize) the opportunity.

But why is this? Why do so many of us struggle with being able to take the power that our minds create and turn it into something that can help us achieve success and reach our full potential?

Our world is filled with joy, with tremendous literature, endless opportunity, and boundless love, and yet too often, our minds are consumed with bad news or the irritations of life.  Life is too short for that!

How Can We Create a Positive Mindset in a Time of Crisis?

This past while I’ve been contemplating the things most of us “put in” to our lives. The recent news about George Floyd, COVID-19, and domestic terrorism served only to remind me that while chaos and terrorism is cultured and alive in this world, it is the chaos and terrorism in our minds that cause our greatest problems. It is this chaos that can teach us a lot about the power of our minds.

Despite this, I am finding that during this time it is extremely difficult to maintain a positive attitude. This is why we have to learn how to stay calm, even during a crisis. You can learn how to do that here

As I get older, I may be getting cranky, but there does seem to be an amazing amount of garbage in our society. Last week’s The Voice  “show” is one example.  Is that “entertainment?”  Does it qualify as “music?”  Do real people actually watch this stuff?  Do we really need more of it in our lives? Yeah, I know, one more old balding guy grumbling about the musical tastes of the young and yet, I come back to the central point:

You Are in Control of Your Own Destiny

When I offer our full-spectrum leadership services, I tell clients that we are in charge of everything we do. We are in charge of what we watch, listen to, and think about, and for better or worse, every bit of it shapes our lives and predicts our future.  We can surround ourselves with the best ideas and the best resources ever created – and we should!

This week, I had several emails and conversations with people who inspire me.  I talked with a man who is leaving a lucrative law practice to teach high school math.  He’ll earn less, but as he said, “I can make a greater impact by teaching than by spending my life in Court.”  He’s pursuing a grand dream, and my guess is he’ll have the best (and perhaps some of the worst) days of his life!  And he’ll know he’s alive!

Although it was a tough decision for him to make – one which could potentially affect his financial future – he did it to pursue a dream, and have a greater impact on the world around him. 

Sometimes in order to reach your full potential, those are the types of hard decisions you have to make (click here to learn more about making hard decisions in tough times).

How can you make a greater impact on people? How can you use a powerful mindset to make a positive change?

This week, I also read Fred Howard’s biography of Wilbur and Orville Wright and was struck by his statement that whenever they started a new project, “their natural first step was to research it at the library.”  They did not invent the airplane by accident.  

It was the result of focused thought and hard work over several years. Eventually, what they thought about most came to pass.

Several years ago, Michael Clark gave me a wonderful phrase.  He said, “When you do what you love, you’ll never work another day the rest of your life.”  I love that and have usually found it to be true.

Sure, some situations frustrate me, and sometimes I even frustrate myself, but over-all, doing what we love and what we enjoy, changes everything!

How to Live a Life You Love

In my opinion, if you truly desire to live well, to achieve much, and (perhaps) make some real money, consider these two propositions:

1.  Fill Your Brain With Positive and Enriching Things

Refuse to fill your time, your life or your brain with garbage.  Read the best stuff.  Talk with the healthiest, wisest, smartest, most challenging people you can.  Attend the seminars and learn from the experts!  Listen to great music and to the whisperings of your heart.  Laugh a lot. Worship often, and be grateful.

2. Do What You Love

You will make your biggest contribution when you passionately pursue your talents and use your strengths.  Martin Luther King, Jr. did many great things, but perhaps his greatest moment came in Washington, DC when he proclaimed, “I have a dream!”  We all remember that, and millions have been inspired by it.  

What’s your dream?

For help achieving a positive mindset, feel free to contact us today. We offer personal and professional development, conflict mediation and resolution, relationship reconstruction, corporate and individual coaching, and much more.

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