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The Kindness Challenge: Part 2 Corporate Edition

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By Peter Comrie

I assume you’ve all read part one of the Kindness Challenge: Part 1 Personal and are enjoying doing small acts of kindness every day. (Please let me know how that’s going!)

But I’m not done with kindness! Part 2 is for all the business owners out there. Can you imagine what a powerful statement it would make if your business closed out 2020 with 10 days of corporate acts of kindness? That’s my challenge to you: get your business to actively participate in acts of kindness as we (very happily) get ready to say goodbye to 2020.

Here are some of my favourite corporate acts of kindness:

  • Take an afternoon for the entire staff to volunteer for a charity
  • Give every employee a set amount of cash to donate to the charity of their choice
  • Offer your business services to a person or group at no charge
  • Feature a local business in your internal emails and make sure to place an order/hire them yourself
  • Replace your cancelled staff party with gift certificates for each staff member to celebrate with their family at a local restaurant or activity center

Acts of kindness initiated through your business are going to help others. They’ll bring happiness to the recipients, and might be a much-needed piece of goodness in a season that’s terribly difficult for many. For some, the act of kindness may be the one highlight of this season.

But don’t think you’re only helping others! Businesses that provide opportunities for their employees to participate in acts of kindness experience improved morale and lower turnover—something we all need right now more than ever.

And it’s good for business. Clients view businesses who are charitable as more trustworthy and rate their products as higher quality than a similar business that isn’t charitable. So, running a Kindness Challenge for your business is good for everyone.

You may have had to cancel some charitable activities that you’ve been doing for years because of COVID-19 restrictions. Don’t let that stop you from doing anything. And please, don’t consider asking your staff to bring in donations of their own for this challenge. Of course they can express kindness, but don’t let your corporation take credit for their individual acts of kindness.

Sit down with your staff and discuss how the business can still show kindness in the midst of a pandemic. They may know of many people and organizations who are desperate for a helping hand right now. What an excellent way to create a feeling of goodwill amongst everyone, and maybe help some people who you’d never know without your staff’s personal suggestions!

I’m honoured to know many business owners who are focused on giving all year round, and it’s pretty likely I have a higher number of generous readers than the average guy. Thank you for your generosity!

But I’m still challenging you to do more this year. For some, I’m asking you to do more at a time when you have less. Find a way. Get creative. Do a 10-day corporate Kindness Challenge. I guarantee you won’t regret it. And next year (oh, blessed 2021), there’s a good chance your staff will recall this challenge as one of the very good parts of 2020.

As everyone is looking for grand ideas, please share yours with us. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

Have an amazing Christmas season.


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