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Appreciating the Services that Canadians Can Easily Take for Granted


As an immigrant to Canada, I deeply appreciate that this amazing country is often most celebrated for its breathtaking landscapes, cultural diversity, and polite citizens, and boasts a wealth of services that many Canadians enjoy daily. However, it’s easy to take these services for granted when they become an integral part of our lives. From universal healthcare to top-notch education and infrastructure, Canada offers its rich and diverse citizenry an exceptionally high standard of living.

In this note, primarily inspired by the recent wildfire devastation in the east and the west, I look to identify and appreciate the services and conditions that Canadians often overlook and shed light on the importance of valuing and preserving them for current and future generations.

Universal Healthcare: A Precious Gift

Universal healthcare is undoubtedly one of the most cherished services that Canadians enjoy. Canada’s healthcare system is based on the principle that all residents have access to medical services regardless of their income or social status. This system, having been in place for over half a century, makes it an integral part of Canadian identity.

Canadians benefit from free access to hospitals, doctor’s appointments, and a wide range of medical services. While wait times and system challenges do certainly exist, the concept of not needing to worry about exorbitant medical bills is a luxury that most other nations envy.

As one who had to avail myself of some critical life-saving medical services, I’m aware that it’s crucial for all of us to deeply appreciate the health care system’s principles of equity and compassion, which prioritize the health and well-being of all Canadians.

Education for All: A Pathway to Success

Another valued service often taken for granted in Canada is our robust education system. Canadians enjoy access to free primary and secondary education, and post-secondary education that is heavily subsidized by the government. This approach fosters equality and provides opportunities for personal and professional growth regardless of one’s socioeconomic background.

Canadian universities and colleges are renowned worldwide for their quality, and every year, thousands of students from around the globe come to study in Canada. Canadians must remember that affordable and accessible education is a privilege that helps shape the nation’s future by ensuring that talent is nurtured, regardless of financial means.

Public Transportation: Connecting Communities

Having often travelled this amazing country by every means imaginable, I deeply appreciate the efficient and well-maintained public transportation systems are often underappreciated by Canadians. Whether it’s a subway system in Toronto, a bus network in Vancouver, or commuter trains in Montreal, these systems connect people, reduce traffic congestion, and promote environmental sustainability, and also serve to recognize the deep multiculturalism in this nation.

Public transportation is vital for urban mobility, helping reduce pollution and the overall carbon footprint. It offers affordable and convenient options for Canadians to get to work, school, and leisure activities. These systems contribute significantly to the overall quality of life and the efficient functioning of cities.

Clean and Safe Drinking Water: A Basic Right

Our access to clean and safe drinking water is a fundamental human right that many Canadians enjoy without a second thought. Canada’s commitment to water quality and sanitation is evident in its rigorous water treatment and monitoring systems. However, it’s essential to remember that not all Indigenous communities have had the same access to clean water, and this highlights the need for further attention, action, and reconciliation.

Environmental Sustainability: Nature’s Bounty

Canada is blessed with breathtaking natural landscapes, from pristine forests and majestic mountains to serene lakes and rivers. Canadians often overlook the importance of preserving these natural wonders and the vital services they provide. Forests, for instance, help purify the air, regulate the climate, and provide habitat for wildlife.

Conserving the natural resources and promoting sustainable practices are crucial to safeguarding our environment for future generations. The balance between economic development and environmental protection is an ongoing challenge, and in these rapidly changing times, it’s essential to appreciate and protect the beauty and importance of Canada’s natural landscapes.

Safety and Security: A Peaceful Nation

Canada is consistently ranked among the safest countries in the world. While safety and security are often taken for granted, they are the result of highly motivated first-responder community, meticulous law enforcement, a strong judicial system, and a commitment to upholding the rule of law. Canadians should acknowledge the efforts of first-responders, law enforcement agencies, and the justice system in maintaining and advancing peace and order.

Moreover, Canada’s welcoming attitude toward refugees and immigrants reflects the country’s commitment to providing a safe haven for those fleeing persecution or conflict. This compassion for humanity is a source of national pride that should not be overlooked.

Multiculturalism: A Tapestry of Diversity

Canada’s multiculturalism is clearly a defining feature of its identity. Canadians hail from many cultural backgrounds, and this rich tapestry of diversity contributes to a vibrant society. Canada’s multiculturalism policies actively promote and celebrate the contributions of pretty much all cultural communities.

While Canadians often embrace diversity, it is increasingly essential to continually foster an inclusive society where everyone feels valued and respected. Canada’s dedication to multiculturalism greatly enhances this service, so one should never take it for granted.

To Wrap Up
Canada is a nation blessed with numerous services and privileges that many other countries aspire to emulate. Universal healthcare, accessible education, efficient public transportation, clean drinking water, environmental sustainability, safety and security, multiculturalism, and more are the essential components of Canada’s high quality of life.

To appreciate these services is to recognize the efforts of countless individuals, policymakers, and institutions that have worked tirelessly to create a better Canada for all its residents. It is also an acknowledgment that these services, while seemingly ordinary, are, in fact, exceptional.

While Canada has much to be proud of, there are also challenges and areas for improvement. It is crucial to recognize and address issues such as Indigenous rights, income inequality, environmental sustainability, and social justice. By acknowledging both the strengths and weaknesses, Canadians can work together to build an even brighter future for the nation.

Appreciating the services that Canadians often take for granted cannot be merely an exercise in nostalgia, but a significant call to action. It is a reminder to cherish, preserve, and continually improve the services and values that make Canada a remarkable country. By doing so, Canadians can ensure that all future generations of citizens inherit a nation that reflects the best of humanity’s aspirations.



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